Konyha 2021

Skin 2021

Skyline 2021

Galéria 2021

Tisztítási segédlet

Essentials 2021

Skins Neolith

SIX-S Neolith

Catalog 20mm

Piatibelli catalog

Greenguard Certificate of Compliance

Greenguard Gold Certificate of Compliance

Health Product Declaration Certificate

Certificate Recycled Material Content

Certificate Slip Warranty

Certificado Kosher

Neolith Satin SEFA 3.0 Report

Neolith Silk SEFA 3.0 Report

Tests non-slip shower trays

Neolith Silk ISO

Neolith Satin ISO

Neolith Polished ISO

Artic White – Polished

Arena – Satin

Avorio – Satin

Barro – Satin

Basalt Beige – Satin

Beton – Riverwashed

Beton – Silk

Calacatta – Decor Polished

Calacatta Gold – Silk

Calacatta – Silk

Estatuario – Decor Polished

Humo – Satin

Iron Frost Satin

Iron Moss – Satin

La Bohème – Satin

Lava – Satin

Marfil – Silk

Nero – Silk

Nero Zimbabwe – Riverwashed

Nieve – Silk

Onyx – Riverwashed

Phedra – Satin

Pierre Bleue – Silk

Pietra di Luna – Riverwashed

Pietra di Luna – Silk

Pietra di Osso – Riverwashed

Pietra di Osso – Silk

Pietra di Piombo – Silk

Polpis – Polished

Pulpis – Silk

Steel Marengo – Silk

Travertino Novano – Polished

Travertino Navona – Silk

Zaha Stone – Silk

Sofía Cuprum

Declaration of Performance 12+

Declaration of Performance 12mm

Declaration of Performance 6+

Declaration of Performance 6mm

Declaration of Performance 3+

Declaration of Performance 3mm

Safety Data Sheets

Data Sheets

NeoLEAT Technology

Neolith 90R

UV resistance report

Neolith® Sinks Technical Datasheet

AKEMI Datasheet

Technical Sheet – ASTM

ASTM 3mm Plus

ASTM 3mm

Data Sheet – Skyline

Technical sheet Skyline HC

Skyline Strongfix Data Sheet

Technical sheet Skyline VM

Technical Sheet – UNE

UNE – 3mm & 5mm



Warranty Conditions Ventilated facades

Warranty Conditions for Countertops 25 years

Green Guard Certificate

Green Guard Gold Certificate

Geen Facts Sheet

Curtain Wall

Polished Finish Manual

Edges Manual

Technical Manual of Kitchen Countertops

Polished Finish Cleaning Manual

Cleaning and Maintenance Manual

Manual Neolith Finishes

Tiling and Flooring Manual

Strongfix manual

Technical Manual Facades

Mounting Guide Sinks

Installation and maintenance guide for the drain

Photocatalytic Oxidation

12 mm cutting guides

Pureti tips

Piattibelli Catalog

Piattibelli Warranty

Piattibelli Drain Guide

Tiling and Paving Guide

Piattibelli flyer

Neolith Report Shower Trays

BIM objects

Certificado GDO – BIM


Pureti tips

Photocatalytic Oxidation

Awair – Breathe Easy

Clear air


Pureti – Indoor Air

Pureti – Air in schools

Pureti – Air in schools

Reducing Bad Odors